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We have only had our place up there for a couple years, and managed it ourselves until this past March when Doria took over. It was with some trepidation that we went with a management/rental company as we are very particular and have many nice and personal things in our place. We take a great deal of pride in it, as it is our families vacation home as well.  I can actually assure you that there have been no negatives whatsoever, in our experience with Big Bear Escapes. Quite the opposite, in fact. We have been much happier with the arrangement than we had expected. The care is personal, it is professional and attentive beyond what one might require in a pure business relationship. The communication is regular and informative, which is a huge source of comfort for us. The prospective renters are screened more than adequately, the property is extremely well taken care of, and we've gotten better-than-expected occupancy, even off season and in this economic climate, no less. My husband and I feel very confident recommending Doria and Big bear Escapes, and we do so whole-heartedly.


Pam and Joe Bitterman