September 6,2010 

Like a soldier returning from the battlefeilds,or a mother and child
united after years of seperation,our return to your magnificent
frieplace,high cathedral-like ceilings of splendor and those enchanting
curtain rods made from real lumber….ours was a joyous reunion. What a
pleasure it has been to once again spend a labor day weekend away from
the hustle and bustle of the big city and escape to your breathtaking
view of the forest and the majestic beauty of the quaint village below.
Not only did we bond with nature,but we have bonded once again with the
most puzzling creature of all…… Our fellow man one another … So
long,old friend. until next time , may the air be fresh,your winter be
cold and spring find a new beginning…




The Labor Day Class of 2010