Lake View Chalet

We have spent a weekend at the Lake View Chalet in Big Bear Lake this
summer. It was a family trip along with my sister’s family that came
from Germany. We have never been to Big Bear Lake before and was a bit
uncertain as how this would work out. Well, it turned out to be a
wonderful weekend for all of us. The cabin is located on a quiet street
over looking the lake from back side. There are two huge decks on the
back side of the cabin which opens to the wooded area with unobstructed
view towards the lake. Both morning and evening views of lake are
splendid, especially the sunset view. The summer weather is breezy and
the day time temperature was around 75F. We had all our dinners on the
deck which became a nightly family feast. We had initially planned to
have dinners at restaurants in the city but after we saw a fully stocked
kitchen and grill set, we have decided to grill at the cabin for the
first night. It was a wonderful experience and after that everyone
wanted to stay home and have a home cooked dinner. The kitchen is
equipped with everything one can imaging. The last night in the cabin,
we decided to have some rice for dinner and was wondering how we could
cook for rice. Then there is a fancy rice cooker in the kitchen. There
are some many little things that would pleasantly surprise you in the
cabin. The three bedrooms are comfortably setup and the two bathroom are
spotless. There are plenty of towels to go for a few days. Bathrobes
are also available for the dip in the hot tub. The cabin also has plenty
of games and videos for kids’ entertainment. All in all, it has been a
hit out of the park experience for all of us. My sisters’ family was so
impressed with it and they want to come back again. We know we will be

Alex from LA