Great location, nice cabin, LOVED the wrap-around porch and view, tree squirrels, birds and a distant raccoon.

Very much appreciated your delivery of some firewood for us — Beautiful
fireplace and, even though the gas outlet “key” was missing – we were
prepared.  I had brought some of my clothing dryer lint with me which I
use as a kindling-hot starter for our fireplace at home.  Little need
for messy paper to start the fire and if the wood is pine and dry, you
don’t need gas to get it in full fire.  We had this going as our four
teenagers were playing board games.

We thoroughly appreciated and used all features – the big kitchen,
family-size dining table, outdoor Jacuzzi, pool table, chessboard,
fireplace, LP music collection, outdoor seating, fresh air and sunshine.
  Loved it!

In between, we drove down the hill to hike nearby Castle Rock trails,
zip Lines with Lodestone, kids swam with our dogs in the lake, more
hiking, and checked out the village on the way out of town.

We’ll call you in the future for another stay!

Thanks Doria!

Erin Hill and Family