Where do I start?  I first contacted Doria about Moonridge hot tub
properties, we wanted to choose Chateau Badeaux but the stairs would
have been to much for our 92 year old Grandmother.  We chose another
cabin through another rental company and they call us the day before our
Presidents Day weekend rental and told us it was flooded and
unavailable.  They tried to accommodate us through other properties but
all that they offered were substandard.  I called Doria that night and
she was able to get us Lake View Chalet on a moments notice and saved
our weekend!  But wait, there is more!  Once there at the beautiful Lake
View Chalet, there was a malfunction with the heating system.  We
called Doria ( when she says call her anytime, she means it ) and she
had a heating company come out right away but the part would not be
available till Tuesday leaving us in the cold, literally.  Well, Doria
came through again. She brought over firewood and portable heaters and
reimbursed us for the money we spent on wood.  She even offered to buy a
heating blanket for Grandma.  If ever there was an example of 5 star
service, Doria provided it for us.  She went above and beyond several
times in 1 weekend for us.  Next year we are just going to call Doria

Rick & Lorri

Mission Viejo